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Bee Pollen Diabetes

Author: David Whittle

Bee Pollen And Diabetes

One of the latest cures for diabetes is said to be bee pollen. 

First we must ask what is diabetes? 

Diabetes is a chronic or never ending health condition where the body is unable produce sufficient insulin causing blood sugar levels to rise to a dangerous level.

It is more likely to be seen in people who don't do sufficient physical activity and are at the same time, overweight or obese which is why it is often described as a ‘lifestyle disease' 

Pre-diabetes is a condition where some of the indicators of diabetes are seen, but as  at this point this condition it can be reversed by lifestyle changes.

It is claimed by the US CDC that  pre-diabetes is to be found in 79 million people. 

At first it is possible for many people to manage this pre-diabetes condition by just making lifestyle changes, such as being careful with their diet, taking regular exercise, and
controlling their weight, all of which are very important. 

The most common form of diabetes affecting almost 18 million Americans is Diabetes 2, which is not reversible.

Statistically, this mostly occurs in people over age 40 which are overweight and this is on the increase. 

An essential part of treatment for everyone with diabetes, regardless of whether you are taking medication or insulin, are the lifestyle changes mentioned above and this is where bee pollen comes into the equation.

Bee pollen supports natural body functions which makes self management of diabetes a little easier.

Diabetes and bee pollen

When bees are collecting nectar from flowers they collect pollen at the same time. The pollen sticks to the hairs on the body and legs of the bee. The bees then mix this pollen with a little nectar and some bee saliva which creates pollen granules.

This bee pollen is then used as food by the bees as it provides the bees all the nutrients they need for growth, and for their very busy life.

It is incredibly dense in the known 96 nutrients as it contains trace elements, all known minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids and it is often referred to as nature's perfect food.

The make-up of this superfood is 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, 2% fatty acids and 3% vitamins and minerals. 

The following benefits, among the many, are of particular

interest to people with diabetes problems: 

• it increases the metabolism and normalizes chemical imbalances in the body that can cause weight gain, 

• is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, 

• can help to lower cholesterol as it contains Nicotinamide, 

• helps with wound healing by boosting the immune system and and

fighting diabetes (Vitamins A,C and E) 

• increases stamina, endurance, energy, and strength (Vitamin B3 complex) 

• it improves physical and mental reaction, 

• it relieves stress. 

• at only 90 calories to the ounce it is a low-calorie food giving a high nutrient value per calorie compared alternative food sources. 

In the fight against this condition you can see that this is a powerful addition to your arsenal  which when combined with a healthy lifestyle will increase your overall feeling of wellbeing and help to fight off some of the negative aspects of diabetes. 

Supplements are made which contain this superfood bee pollen in a form that is easy to take, however it is best to buy only from the best reliable sources where there is a clean and healthy environment,

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About the Author

David Whittle is a long time advocate of natural cures for health problems.

Visit his website now at  bee pollen benefits and learn more about bee pollen's health benefits.


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