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Female Yeast Infection? Cure It With Garlic

 by John Cielo 

Female yeast infection is more common than in males. Part of the reason is that the Candida Albicans fungi that cause it loves to settle, feed and grow in the warm, moist areas of the body. Hence the prevalence of vaginal yeast infections. Also, one of the triggers for Candida is hormonal changes, which happens in females during pregnancy and the monthly cycle.

Other Root Causes of Female Yeast Infection

Other causes of the Candida fungi being able to overcome our body's good bacteria to cause an infection are; a lowered immune system, antibiotics, high blood sugar levels and some drug treatments. Another that is worth mentioning is pH imbalance in the body.

Mainstream Female Yeast Infection Treatment.

Your normal everyday treatment consists of sprays, creams, gels, etc., that you get o.t.c. in the pharmacy or through your doctor. They can work for a lot of women over time, but not for all.

One reason is that they are drug-based and tend to attack the local symptoms rather than the underlying cause(s). This means that many women -- around 50% of those who suffer female yeast infection -- have more than one infection, with many having multiple infections throughout the year.

So women are increasingly turning to natural home remedies to help cure their 'Candida.' One of the most popular and effective is garlic...

How to Take Garlic for Female Yeast Infection

Garlic is a well-known natural remedy for a whole host of ailments, and has been used down the ages. It is particularly good for female yeast infection because it has an abundance of natural antifungal properties. Another reason is because of the way that it can be used to treat women's infections, particularly vaginal yeast infection.

You can use garlic in two ways; as an internal antifungal agent to address the Candida fungi in your gut, and, as a topical application for the localized symptoms. Just eat fresh raw garlic everyday for the gut. If you are worried about the odour then try high quality capsules from a reputable health food store.

For the local symptoms, make a peeled clove of garlic into a smooth paste and smooth over the area. Leave overnight. You can also make it into a tampon by wrapping the whole clove in muslin (or similar). Tie up with dental floss to keep from unravelling, and leave a 'tail' so that you can remove it in the morning.

Many women find this home remedy to be effective, so give it a go. But, you need to do more...

Unless you also address your whole lifestyle, including diet and so on, it can be difficult to securely eliminate your Candida infection. You don't have to do any more work today though. You can get all the info. you need in one place. See below...

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