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Nutmeg as Remedies

By Zidni Agni

Nutmeg is member of the botanical family myristicaceae,this tall evergreen tree (myristica fragrans) is native to the Indonesian Banda Islands, where the Portuguese first found it in the 1500s. The Dutch soon monopolized the nutmeg trade, displacing the natives and working the plantations with indentured slaves and convicts.

Today nutmeg grows throughout Indonesia, Madagascar, Grenada, and the Caribbean. The tree has long, thin leaves and tiny yellow flowers, similar to a peach tree. The fruit itself looks like a fig as it buds and a funny round pear when it's ripe.

The juicy pulp hides a pit surrounded by a red fleshy net, or mace. Beneath the mace is a pit with a hard exterior shell. And inside the shell is the nutmeg. The nutmeg is soft when first removed, but becomes rock hard when dried in the sun. Mace is also dried in the sun, and the two are packaged and sold separately.

Historically, nutmeg was used as a mild sedative, and it's a common belief that taking large quantities will produce a hallucinogenic effect.

Nutmeg and mace share a similar flavor when ground. Mace is a bit stronger than the sweet, spicy nutmeg. Both are available whole and ground, but the flavor of the ground versions tends to dissipate rapidly. Special nutmeg graters are available for gadget-lovers, and they greatly extend the life of nuts. 

A grated nut will seal itself up after use, and very little of the flavorful oil will dissipate through the wound. Mace is equally long-lasting, although a bit more difficult to grind. I find that a mortar and some muscle work best for small amounts. Grind larger amounts of mace in a coffee grinder.

Nutmeg is commonly thought of as a sweet spice, but it's used in all sorts of savory recipes, too. French cuisine especially uses nutmeg in starch, grain, egg, and cheese dishes for just the right balance. Whole and ground nutmeg is widely available in markets across the globe.

Nutmeg benefit for health including for overcome natural acid reflux, maag, ear, insomnia, problem, headache, and diarhea.

Simple natural cures for insomnia is by consuming nutmeg. Crush nutmeg into a powder, take 1 tea spoon of those nutmeg powders and pour it in a glass of hot water and add some sugar, drink it after dinner.

Another sample is for overcome natural acid reflux. Take 1 gram of nutmeg powder, 6 gram or batu banana powder and pour it with a glass of hot water.

Nutmeg ingredients: saponin, miristisin, elemisi, lipase enzym, pektin, hars, lemonena and asam oleanolat.

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