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How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Benefit Your Health

Author: James J Clarkson

Did you know that tea tree oil is a tried and tested cure fo those annoying warts you get? It's true. Make sure, though, that you give it some time to work its magic. It is not a once applied miracle cure. Use it regularly. At least once a day for twenty to thirty minutes would be a good start. Some heated water along with several drops of tea tree oil is a good start. Soak the infected area in the water. Make sure that your treatments are consistant. Do not give up after just three or four days Before bedtime, make sure you apply some directly on the infected areas. Be sure, though, that if your skin is prone to reacting to its environment that you test the oil on a small area before applying it on a larger scale. You may need to dilute it a bit with something like olive oil. You should notice an improvement within a week and after a month the warts should have disappeared.

Toenail fungus requires much the same treatment as warts. If you have ever had this problem you will know how difficult it is to get rid of it. This should not be the case anymore. Toenail fungus is simply another kind of fungal infection. The solution is tea tree oil. This treatment is not for the faint of heart, though. It takes patience. Using it every day is a must. After you are free of the visual signs of the toenail fungus, keep using the tea tree oil for about a week. This ensures that all traces of the fungus are destroyed. The extra week of application lessens the chance of the fungus coming back.

If you like the smell of tea tree oil, toiletry products mixed with it are a good combination. It works great in shampoo. It gets rid of dandruff and lessens the chance of aquiring new issues such as head lice. Tea tree oil is also a great household cleaner. It kills mold and does a great job of disinfecting anything you apply it to.

You will probably have read that tea tree oil makes an effective cure for diaper rash. It does, but that is not the only thing it is useful for when it comes to nappies. Cloth diapers can get quite stinky and carry a lot of germs. Adding a few drops of this oil to the pail will help to disinfect the nappies and prevent the spread of infection.

With just a few drops of tea tree oil, plain tap water can be changed into a spray that is perfect for disinfecting pretty much anything around the house. If your table is dirty, try using the tea tree oil solutioni.e. table tops and work tops without putting you or your family at risk from pesticides or chemical cleaners. If you are worried about chemicals in your life, know that tea tree oil is 100% natural.

If your doctor says you are fine, but you still do not feel well, you may find that you benefit from a massage using tea tree oil. It is used to stimulate the immune system but will also help to kick start your vitality again. Why not give it a go and experience the miracles of tea tree oil for yourself?

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