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Reflexology – A Natural Healing Method

Author: Solomon

Reflexology is a curative science in which healing is effected in parts of the human body by putting the right amount of pressure on strategic points on any of the soles of the feet. Sometimes the palm of the hand is also used.

The healing method was discovered and used extensively by the ancient Egyptians before the Christian era. In this scientific healing, the healer has mastered the specific locations and functions of various points on the foot or hand.

There is a theory that each healing point on the sole or palm has a corresponding organ of the body with which it is in ‘sympathy' or attunement.

If the point of the sole or palm is stimulated by certain pressure to proper functioning, then its corresponding organ gets healed. It is estimated that there are over seven thousand reflex points on the sole, each having corresponding organs in the body.

Healing application is very simple but very technical. On the sole of the foot for example there are specific reflex points for the sciatic nerves, the stomach, bladder, heart, brain, pancreas, lungs, and in fact for every organ. There are two ways to put pressure on the reflex points:

One: while applying some force, use the thumb to press down on the points, OR
Two: get a hollow cylindrical metal of about three inches in diameter, and length of two feet. Stand on the metal and allow it to roll as you put either foot on it in turn.

During the exercise, heat will be generated in your body, and the reflex points stimulated, their corresponding organs will be receiving treatments. Stay on for up to ten minutes for each foot.

Repeating this exercise twice daily for two weeks will heal the ailment! This is just a summary of the process. There are specific diets to supplement the process.

Once pressure is applied on the reflex points, it relieves stress and tension, improves blood circulation to all parts of the body by opening up any blocked blood vessels.

Reflexology provides lasting relief for aches and pains, it increases blood supply and circulation, it destroys toxins and cleanses the body. It enhances attainment of general health.

This ancient therapy is being modified in line with modern methods and it has already been incorporated into modern healthcare delivery system. It should be noted that reflexology is safe, it is for all ages and sexes, it requires no injections or drugs.

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