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Chaste Tree Berry

Author: Stephanie Singer

Coming from Southern Europe, Chaste Tree berry also called “monk’s pepper” having a botanical name of Vitex agnus castus from the Verbenaceae family group of plants is a huge flowering shrub having an aromatic odor that actually reaches about twenty feet in height. The flowers habitually bloom in the course of late summer or early fall with flowers ranging from lilac to blue and white.

The name Chaste tree berry came from a belief that the plant promoted chastity since monks from the Middle Ages use this tree to lessen sexual desire as well as wards off evil. The same as some other herbal plants, chaste berry tree provides people loads of health benefits and particularly most effective if utilized for many months or a year depending on individual s preference.

Chaste tree berry has been confirmed to have effects on the pituitary gland which generates the female sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This can lead to the reducing of prolactin release, bringing about the reduction of milk production.

Through a clinical practice, the results revealed that chaste berry has settled down the particular abnormal menstrual cycle as well as the hormone levels of prolactin and progesterone. For that reason, this was applied as a remedy to ailments in connection with extreme prolactin in the body.

Because it can stabilize hormone levels, this can also be helpful pertaining to premenopausal women having abnormally short cycles, people that have heavy monthly period bleeding or perhaps after the discontinuation of contraceptive pills.

Some other helpful benefit would be the reduction of symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome caused by excessive prolactin levels. Reports have also shown that a female who uses this herb regularly feels less breast tenderness and pressure, bloating, as well as fatigue.

Chaste tree berry also has anti androgenic, an effect which means that this kind of herb is used to manage acne in both males and females. Additionally it also decreases an overactive libido. Chaste berry trees are also used in the herbal treatment of women with mild corpus luteum which is the reason behind their infertility. Some studies also have shown that this herb aids in combating breast cancer, controls libido, decrease appetite, reduce flatulence, as well as enhances sleep.

Everyone of us must remember that the value of herbal goods such as Chaste Tree berry powder should be the best, so that the best advantages of attempting out these types of remedies would be acquired compared to those artificial medicines that individuals acquire in the drug store.

Furthermore, there are several points that one should consider prior to trying out a herbal cure. These factors include persons who are going to take the herbs, his or her purpose, the age of the product being tried and the degree of potency and form of the herb.

It comes in numerous types similar to tablets, powders, liquids and also tea nonetheless it gives the same amount of effectiveness to take care of the above issues. Chaste tree berry, a medicinal plant consists of all crucial elements that are certainly a remedy to a person’s problem. It is better to uncover more about this plant through constant research in order to discover more advantages of this beneficial plant.

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