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Bee Pollen Fertility

Author: David Whittle

Healthy sperm is not necessarily a given. Lifestyle factors can have an effect on the effectiveness of your sperm which can result in a low sperm count usually caused by:

loss of libido
being overweight
prostate problems
being unfit
excess alcohol
prescription medications

For the most part these problems can be reduced by lifestyle changes which will increase overall health and fitness.

Infertility in women

Generally, a woman's infertility is caused when there is no ovulation, which in turn means that there are no eggs produced to be used for fertilization.

There are a number of possible reasons for this such as:

being overweight
general health problems
prescribed medications

As you can see there are some common factors between men and women and these are lifestyle choices.

However, if you maintain a healthy weight, take daily physical exercise (such as walking), reduce your stress and eat healthy food then these are the habits that will help in your plan to become pregnant.

How can bee pollen for fertility be an answer?

Bee pollen is absolutely packed with al the nutrients needed for life and is rich in amino acids which has been shown to improve sperm count. Added to this are the vitamins A, B Complex (which includes B12 necessary for fertility), C and D plus minerals and antioxidants.

This pollen is known as a superfood and it:

balances the metabolism, and therefore weight,
improves energy and stamina
increases estrogen levels
boosts the immune system
gives an overall increase in libido

All benefits needed in your search for a healthy pregnancy and an improved sperm count.

By combining this superfood with an improved lifestyle your chances of becoming pregnant are vastly increased.

Where is the best place to get bee pollen for fertility?

If you feel that this is worth trying then you will want to get the best bee pollen.

Pollen that is harvested in countries such as the US and China will most likely contain toxic chemicals due to the high population levels and heavy industry.

The best bee pollen is found in a country which is incredibly pristine and where the population is very small, there is next to zero industry and where pesticides and chemical fertilizers are banned.

That country is New Zealand, in the Southern Ocean, where the air is clean and where bee pollen supplements are manufactured and tested to international pharmaceutical standards.

These are a few points to consider in your search for pregnancy and whether you use bee pollen for fertility or not we can only wish you the best of luck!

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About the Author

David Whittle has for many years been a researcher and very strong supporter of natural cures whenever possible for the curing of physical problems and ailments. His latest health website is

Bee pollen located in the pristine area of New Zealand is totally natural and unpolluted in any way.

Visit his bee pollen supplement guide bee pollen fertility to learn much more about the many benefits of bee pollen.

Bee Pollen Side Effects

Author: David Whittle

Bee pollen side effects are possible despite the extremely life enhancing properties of this pollen. It is a food, and as with all foods the potential for side effects is there for some sensitive people.

Minor side effects

There are minor adverse effects which could appear when you begin to take bee pollen but which will disappear again quite quickly. These could be any one of the following:

a feeling of nausea
skin flushes or rash upset stomach
face, eyes and throat feeling prickly.

These are all possible side effects that you could suffer from and this could be any one, or none of the symptoms.

Most people do not suffer any bee pollen side effects.

Important side effects to consider

Extremely rare is a more severe side effect, and this is an anaphylactic reaction. This reaction can cause tightness in the throat and chest followed by swelling and closure of the airways, which left untreated could prove to be fatal.

What is this anaphylactic reaction?

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction.

It can be triggered by many foods.The most common and well known are peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, shellfish and fish.

Alternatively, it can be triggered by a reaction to medicine or insect stings.

Who should stay away from bee pollen?

People who need to avoid this pollen are:

someone who in the past has had an anaphylactic shock or
an allergic reaction to bee stings or venom,
who has asthma,
has a sensitivity to honey,
is sensitive to airborne pollens,
is a breast feeding mother.

I don't think this applies to me but ……

Yes, we all need to be careful when we start to take a new medicine, or eat a new type of food, and the secret is start slowly!

When you decide that you would like to start using this superfood then start with the smallest dose possible for the first few days and monitor any possible negative effects.After a few days, work up to the recommended dosage.

Most people have no reactions whatsoever and go on to enjoy the many health benefits.

Nevertheless, as always, if you have any doubts about this and want to clear up any doubts then we recommend you discuss this with your medical practitioner.

Good quality supplements minimize any adverse effects

Whatever your reasons for taking a bee pollen supplement then your wisest course is to get good quality supplements, which will not only minimize any possible bee pollen side effects, but will also ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from the supplement.

Some bee pollen out there comes from highly industrialized countries where the pollen is often found to contain toxins from all the pollution and insecticides.

We use and recommend a company that not only manufactures to GMP pharmaceutical standards but which sources its bee pollen from what is one of the few truly pristine environments in the world – New Zealand.

This is a country with little industry, low population, and where the prevailing winds come across the Southern Ocean from Antarctica.

Clean air indeed.

We have highlighted the rare but possible side effects of bee pollen but we would again like to stress that these are very rare cases.There are many health benefits to be gained by you from this wonderful food without experiencing any bee pollen side effects.

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About the Author

David Whittle is a health expert and a long time user of natural supplements.
Visit his website today at to learn more about the bee pollen supplements that will give you a healthy life.

Visit his bee pollen supplement guide for bee pollen health benefits to learn much more about bee pollen.

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