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Sugar cane juice

Author: Dhanya Narayanan

Sugar cane is an important member of the plant kingdom. It is originated in India. Now it is cultivated in several countries of the world. The world’s largest producer of sugar cane is Brazil. India now has the second position only. Sugar cane is processed into various products like molasses, ethanol, table sugar, rum etc.

Sugar cane juice is commonly devoured in all the countries where it is produced. Sugar cane juice is a highly refreshing drink. It contains about 15 per cent natural sugar and is rich in organic salts and vitamins.

The problem with the sugar cane juice is that it is easily contaminated. The main reason for its contamination is its raw form. Since it contains high amount of sugar the sugar cane juice attracts flies easily that may contaminate the juice. Extreme cleanliness is necessary for people and machines who deal with sugar cane juice.

The sugar cane juice has several health benefits and medicinal properties most of which remains unknown to the masses. It strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, and brain and sex organs. It can be used in the treatment of fevers. In fever related diseases, where there is great protein loss, sugar cane juice supplements the body with necessary protein and food elements.

Sugar cane juice has no simple sugar. It can be cherished by diabetics without any concern. It is excellent for digestion. Sugar cane juice is a mild laxative too due to its high potassium content. It is a rich source of iron and calcium also.

Sugar cane juice is alkaline in nature. It helps the body in fighting off cancer. Sugar cane juice is especially effective in prostate and breast cancer and helps to put the patient on the path of recovery.

Sugar cane juice is excellent in treating urinary related diseases. It keeps the urine flow clear and aids the kidneys to perform better. Sugar cane juice relieves the burning sensation which arises due to infections of the urinary tract.

In folk lore medicines sugar cane juice is considered as an excellent remedy for jaundice. It gives speedy recovery from jaundice.

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