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Natural Remedies for Ant Invasions

Natural Remedies for Ant Invasions
Author: robert mccormack

There are a number of common household substances that are repellant to ants. If an ant encounters cinnamon, mint, red chili powder, or black pepper, he can crawl quickly in the opposite direction.

You can sprinkle any of those spices gently around your countertops or inside your cupboards. Bay leaves dipped in mint mouthwash will additionally drive away ants; you'll place several bay leaves around windowsills.

If you wish a answer that is less messy, you'll be able to plant mint and cloves in small pots and keep these around your kitchen windowsills, or outdoors in small gardens simply outside your house walls.

Ants can not cross any lines drawn with chalk or Vaseline; you'll be able to attempt drawing chalk lines along your windowsills or along seams in your cabinetry.

Standard chalk made of gypsum may not work; tailor's chalk, created of talc, is effective. The active ingredient here is the talc; baby powder is another harmless household substance containing talc that ants attempt to avoid.

A resolution of equal components vinegar and water, sprinkled around your counters and food preparation areas, will keep ants away, though with vinegar you may just be swapping one annoyance for another.

A glass cleaner like Windex can conjointly forestall ants from coming back, however like the vinegar, this resolution may be a small amount invasive.

Some species of ants indeed will be damaging. Carpenter ants, for instance, will hollow out woodwork in your house; they don't eat the wood, but build their nests in hollowed-out areas. Termites do indeed eat wood, and can cause in depth harm to your home.

Either of those pests should be cleared out as quickly as potential, using no matter means you have got available. And fireplace ants (or "red ants") can sting.

There are 280 species of fire ants worldwide, with some species occurring in Australia and therefore the southern and southwestern United States. But, in virtually all cases, the ants you discover in your house will be harmless, and you can experiment with different safe, nontoxic ways of obtaining rid of them.

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