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The Benefits of Ginseng

By Dave Johnson

Ginseng has long enjoyed popularity as a healing plant. For centuries now, ginseng served as a stimulant, a healthy remedy for a variety of ailments, an aphrodisiac and pain reliever. Emperors were known to take it in an effort to prolong their lives and gain vigor, virility and energy. Ginseng is taken in a variety of ways: straight up as an extract, as tea and as capsules.

Now, are you wondering what the fuss is all about? Well, let's talk about some of the health benefits ginseng can give you:

Adaptogen. Ginseng has the amazing ability to normalize the body?s functions. It helps the body adapt so that it has what it needs. If your blood pressure is a bit high, it can lower it, while it can increase the blood pressure when yours is a bit lower than normal.

Revitalization and healing. Ginseng has the power of boosting our immune system, so that it is better able to fight disease and hasten recovery time.

Tonic. Tired and lethargic? Do you want to boost your energy level as well as your concentration? Ginseng can help you as it is able to maintain and even enhance the functions of your lungs, liver and nervous system, as well as increase the flow of blood to the brain and body. Drinking ginseng will help relieve you of any stress you feel, and you will feel energized and your mind is more alert and responsive.

Diabetes treatment. With its blood glucose-lowering properties and the ability to balance blood sugar levels, ginseng can help in dealing with Type II diabetes.

Aphrodisiac. Do you find it hard to "perform"? Ginseng has traditionally been known as an aphrodisiac and is believed to help your body produce more sex hormones, which in turn improves your sex drive and your capacity to perform. Women who have problems with menopause can also take ginseng, as this can improve estrogen production.

Other uses. Ginseng is also used for colds, backaches, headaches, protection during chemotherapy and radiation, insomnia and weight loss. Women also find that it can help relieve the pain of childbirth and menstruation.

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