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Salt Therapy

by: WarrickSullivan

Salt therapy has been associated with numerous benefits that have been documented. The vital process of the body has been greatly sustained by the ionized salt particles that have been playing a major role through the centuries as noted by the doctors.

Regular sessions of therapeutic saline treatment have been able to provide ease to the patients suffering from persistent wheezing and coughing which has been proved by the unique microclimate found in salt caves.

Speleotherapy as it is also referred to exposes a patient to an environment that is free from pollutants such as pollens which are medically with allergies.

As a result, this therapy helps in the control and expulsion of allergies in patients. Salt caves, which are located hundreds of feet below the surface, have higher air pressure which benefits patients of respiratory disease.

This is because, at these altitudes, the patients is able to take in more, sanitized air than he does regularly thereby giving his body the much needed oxygen and minerals that help increase blood flow in the body. As a result, the body is able to expel impurities that have built up in the body.
For both children and adults, asthma treatment has proved to be effective by absorbing the salt ions into the lungs. Inflammation in the airways causes swelling and coughing which blocks the airways and inflammation can be reduced with the help of salt ions.

The amount of mucus built up in the lungs and the respiratory system cause asthma as well as related coughing and salt particles help in minimizing the blockage and treating asthma.

By attending regular sessions in salt rooms patients gain therapeutic benefits as the upper tracts of the respiratory system are cleared from any impurities and mucus deposits.

When ionized salt lines the walls f alveoli chambers in the lungs, after escaping the upper airways, they are absorbed into the blood streams or they dislodge any impurities deposited in the lungs.

Another advantage of ionized salt particles is that they help control irregular heartbeats by harmonizing the ion charge in the body. Additionally, salt particles play a great role in the regeneration of damaged cells. They penetrate the membranes of these cells and help in the repairing of these cells.

By improving blood circulation and repairing blood cells and removing impurities, salt therapy ensures that the body receives ample oxygen thereby refreshing muscles.

The ionized salt particles also help muscles to contract and expand easily. Daily tasks, which involve our muscles, become easier to perform as our muscles can expand and contract more easily.

Sessions at the salt room have also proven to help in the digestion of food. Regular visits to these rooms help patients to better absorb food into their blood stream providing the body with much needed nutrients.

Therefore salt is a vital part of the digestion process which facilitates the body to acquire nutrients from various food groups. Doctors especially recommend sea salt which has proven to be the most effective in this process.

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